[October 18, 2016 update]

Name: World Swimming Association
(Governing body for Swimming and Open Water Swimming.)

Legal Status: Florida not-for profit corporation. IRS determination pending.

Headquarters: Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA

— Select definitions —

Board of Directors
The creation of the Board of Directors will be composed of individuals elected by three organizations, the World Swimming Coaches Association (WSCA), the Professional Swimmers Association (PSA) and the World Open Water Swimming Association (WOWSA).

Composition of the proposed Board of Directors:
• WSCA – 2 Board members elected from the Top 15 swimming nations.
• WSCA – 1 Board member elected from below the Top 15 swimming nations.
• PSA – 3 Board members elected from the World Top 16.
• WOWSA – 1 member elected by the WOWSA board.

The creation of the initial WSA Board will be overseen by WSCA.

Executive Committee
The Executive Committee will be elected by the 7-member Board and will include President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and the Immediate Past President will serve without vote (ex officio).

At least one member shall be a coach and at least one member shall be an athlete.

Language: English

Membership: WSA is a universal membership model where any interested person or organization can become a member. Categories of membership will be defined in the process of finalizing this Constitution. Individuals may chose to become members. Organizations may chose to become members. The WSA supports Swimming and Open Water Swimming (no other sports included).

Termination of Membership:
  1. Cheating,
  2. Dishonesty,
  3. Fraud,
  4. Voluntary Withdrawal, and
  5. A Doping Conviction.

Fees: There shall be annual fees as determined by the Board of Directors from time to time.

— Sanctions —

Reasons for Sanction: A member may be sanctioned for:
  1. Cheating,
  2. Dishonesty, and
  3. Fraud.

Types of Sanctions: Sanctions are:
  a. Warning;
  b. Fine;
  c. Suspension; and
  d. Expulsion; and
  e. Denial of participation in event.
All sanctions are available to the Board, and may or may not be used in order.

Who imposes sanctions?: A specific committee depending on the reason for the sanction may impose the sanction (i.e. Anti-Doping Committee).

Appeals: Appeals shall be submitted to the Board.

— Organization —
• WSA Board of Directors
• Membership (categories to be defined)
• Committees, as needed
• Competing Nations
• Competing Athletes

— Members —

Composition: Composition of the Quadrennial Congress will be determined in the progress of the Constitutional Convention.
• Membership categories to be determined.

Convening of General Congress
• Board will meet annually.
• Will be a General Congress every 4 years, in the year following the Olympic Games.

The General Congress shall approve and oversea the work of the Board of Directors between meetings, and set the course of work for the coming four years, with particular attention to the direction of the work of all committees.

Special/Extraordinary Meet of Congress

  • A special meeting shall be called by a decision of the Board of Directors or upon written request of 5% of the votes allowed to be cast of the Members with voting power.
  • May not be held earlier than 5 months from the date of notice.
  • Required quorums to do business shall be decided at the initial Congress.

Amendments: Motions, applications and proposals for alteration of or addition to the Bylaws or Rules of WSA may be submitted by anyone. Specifics of the role of the Quadrennial Congress will be determined at the Constitutional Convention.

— Board of Directors —

Members: The members of the Board of Directors are listed above.

Election: All positions will be elected.

Governing Board Meeting: The Board of Directors shall meet annually at a time and place within 15 months of the prior meeting.

Geographical Representation: All selection criteria is based upon a country’s finish at the Olympic Games or the WSA Championships.

Quorum: 4 members (based on a 7 member Board of Directors)

Amendments to Constitution, General Rules or Technical Rules: The Board members must approve amendments to articles and bylaws.

Required Business: The following is required business of the WSA Board of Directors:
• Declaration of quorum
• Declaration of conflict of interest
• Approval of previous minutes
• Financial report of the Treasurer
• Board of Directors/Committee reports:
    -Coach Development
    -Athlete Development
    -Facility Development
    -Elite Performance
    -Health & Safety
    -Administration & Management
• Staff reports:
    -Executive Director
    -Competitive Swimming Manager
    -Open Water Manager
• Championships Host reports:
    -WSA Championships
    -Open Water Champs
    -Skins and Professional Events
• Action Items
• Old Business

— Committees —

Types: The following committees will be standing committees of the WSA:
• Finance
• Audit
• Marketing
• Anti-Doping
• Officials
• Learn-to-Swim
• Growth
• Coach Development
• Athlete Development
• Facility Development
• Elite Performance
• Health & Safety
• Administration & Management

The Board will have the authority to create additional committees as it needs to, or to delete them if no longer necessary


  • The consistency of the committees shall be determined from time to time by the Board of Directors.
  • The Anti-Doping Committee and any other committee that can act on behalf of the Board of Directors shall consist of at least 3 members from the Board of Directors.
WSA Constitution – proposed structure (Oct.2016 update)

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