Dear European Coaching Colleagues & Friends

The World Swimming Coaches Association (WSCA) wish to formulate continental branches of the Association over the next 2-3 years and will commence this process with the formulation of the ‘World Swimming Coaches Association – Europe’ branch – to be known as ‘WSCA-E’

The WSCA has a remit to serve and work for coaches across the globe but can only do this effectively through the creation of such branches

A formulation meeting will take place on Friday 6th December 2019 in Glasgow, Scotland, to allow coaches from across Europe who are in Glasgow for the 2019 LEN European SC Championships to be part of such a meeting and provide their views on how and why the branch should be formulated. All European-based coaches are welcome at this meeting even if they are not part of a National Team at the European Championships at this time

The aims of WSCA-E are likely to include the following, particularly for those coaches who reside and work in a European nation where there is not an independent National Coaches Association in place:

  1. Represent the interests of Europe’s swimming coaches with other national and international bodies or organisations, including LEN
  1. Provide leadership and assistance in the sport of swimming and swimming coaching, through the cooperation, collaboration and confrontation with other interest groups
  1. Encourage, develop and educate swimming coaches
  1. Encourage and promote swimming competition throughout Europe, competition which is free of  drugs, doping or any other method of illegal/unethical performance enhancement
  1. Establish and safeguard the status, welfare and interests of all members
  1. Provide continual recognition for outstanding performances of athletes, coaches within the sport of swimming
  1. Assist all European National Swimming Coaches Associations, or similar national organisations within Europe, in developing swimming in those member nations through international cooperation and goodwill

A Draft Constitution for consideration at the meeting can be found at this link

Please do come along to this initial meeting and help us formulate a branch of the WSCA that will be a support and benefit to us all. The meeting will commence after the heats of European SC Championships on Friday 06/12/19, with a complimentary  lunch and refreshments available to all attendees from 1200 midday – but please do come along once you are free after your commitment to the heats are complete. The meeting with take place at:

Function Suite (Velodrome View)

Emirates Arena & Sir Chris Hoy Velodrome

1000 London Road

Glasgow G40 3HG


Which is less than two miles and an 8 minute taxi ride from the competition pool. We very much look forward to seeing you there!

Kindest regards and best wishes

Dr Jon Rudd

Vice-President WSCA

7 reasons to join the World Swimming Association

Why Join the World Swimming Association (WSA)?

  1. The world needs an alternative to FINA. To either replace it or show how to reform it (if that is possible).
  2. Our Swimming world needs an organization focused on being athlete centered.
  3. We need a world of sport that is transparent, not corrupt.
  4. We need a world of sport that is owned by the participants, coaches and athletes. Not owned by “suits” for their own benefit.
  5. We need an organization that helps develop swimming, not one that sends elites to fancy hotels via first class airfare and tells them how to vote and calls that “development”.
  6. “Develop Swimming” means:
        -pools with clean water that are accessible;
        -coaches who can work with assurance that when they help someone get fast, they will actually go to the meet (not someone who pays the money to the Federation);
        -athletes that can BELIEVE in the process.
  7. We need an organization that gives clean Swimming (not doped Swimming) the priority it deserves. (High Throughput Testing)

You should join WSA because you can support 1-7 by joining. And you have a CHOICE to join, unlike FINA (which you never join, but can ban you and hurt you).

Join WSA here. It is pennies per day of your professional life, and makes you a part of the solution and not part of the problem.

-John Leonard, WSCA Executive Director
-George Block, WSCA President

Invitation to the WSA Constitutional Convention

World Swimming Association Constitutional Convention: You are invited!
  by John Leonard

From 3:00-8:00 p.m. on Friday, September 1, 2017, the Constitutional Convention of the World Swimming Association (WSA) will be held at the Washington Hilton in Washington, DC, USA and YOU are invited to participate! Plan now to attend this historic event, when we focus on forming a new world Swimming organization focused strictly on Swimming.

WSA will be athlete-focused, professionally-directed and transparent.

Two things will be accomplished at the Convention:

  • First, we will finalize (modify and approve) the WSA Constitution which has been openly developed online for the past 18 months. (Find the most current version of the Constitution here.)
  • Second, we will form working committees for each of the developmental areas that WSA will focus on, and begin planning and working on each area. The committees will be named and described next month and emailed to you.

If you are ready to change the world of Olympic Sport to the sport you fell in love with as a young person, come and join us.

It is an end to corruption, self-centered governance, and money into the pockets of those “leading” the sport. Money will flow to the athletes for a change. And we will be developing the entire world of Swimming nations, not focused on putting money into the pockets of the self-appointed “leaders” in each nation. We will also put an end to doping with High-Throughput Testing!

In addition, on Saturday, September 2, 2017 we will have a full day of your choice of coaching clinic programs for Elite Swimming (6 coaches of Rio Olympic gold medalists) or Age Group swimming. (More information to follow in coming months as the program is developed.)

Please put September 1-2 on your calendar now!

FINA Scholarships: another systemic failure

FINA Swimming Scholarships: Another Systemic Failure
  by John Leonard

The individual young people benefiting from a FINA Swimming Scholarship are not to blame for the transgressions and failures of a monolithic organization focused solely on maintaining its own power and ability to bring in money. The athletes are simply taking advantage of a “best opportunity” to improve their own personal athletic prospects. The mere existence of the need for a “FINA Scholarship” is an indication of a conspicuous failure to measure up to the needs of the sport on an international level.

The organization of FINA considers “development” to mean bringing national federation presidents and an accompanying person, typically their wives, to a major city for a championship event and oh yes, of course, while they attend the dinners and FINA functions, they do put in a two hour meeting in a two week visit at the FINA Congress, where they routinely wave through whatever President Maglione and his boy, Cornel Marculescu, propose for the future, while waiting anxiously for the catered lunch. Let’s see, that is two hours of work in a 336 hour fortnight, at a rate of $400 (at least) per day in per diem (total of US $5,600.00). That works out to $2,800 per hour. Good wages for most.

On the resignation of 3 from FINA’s Doping Control Review Board

On the topic of the resignation of the FINA Doping Control Review Board members
  by John Leonard, American Swimming Coaches Association

Dr. Julio Maglione assures the world that FINA is “at the forefront of anti-doping”. I believe the resignation of the three most important members of the FINA Doping Control Review Board demonstrates conclusively that FINA and the International Olympic Committee (IOC) are running an elaborate public relations scheme designed to fool the world into thinking they actually care about anti-doping, when all they care about in reality is the flow of cash into their organizations, earned on the back of athletes predominately clean but some “dirty with doping” receiving a pittance for their labor.

The athletes need to rebel and refuse to participate until the doping mess is cleaned up with a renewed World Anti-Doping Agency in charge, led by someone like Travis Tygart with an impeccable reputation and history and no conflict of interest with the IOC or anyone else.

Path to Clean Swimming

The Path to Clean Swimming
by John Leonard, WSCA Executive Director

We see admirable courageous stances by athletes from multiple nations in Rio with regard to the immediate and important need to protect our sport.

This comes about because the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and its subsidiary International Federation puppets, such as FINA in our sport, have abdicated their moral responsibility to protect and preserve the sanctity of Olympic ideals and values. They have revealed themselves as simply a financial machine, generating billions of dollars while sharing pittances with the athletes on whose backs those dollars are generated. AND THEN, they are so arrogant as to ask the athletes to protect their private-money-generating circus by not protesting the prostitution of clean sport, as FINA and the IOC have done by allowing the dopers to swim.

Which leaves us with “What to do?”.


To those brave athletes and coaches who are in Rio and speaking out on the doping issue: you have our profound thanks and admiration for your courage.

Only the athletes have to power to beat the IOC, who no longer deserve to be the custodians of the flame and all it represents. Four BILLION dollars in IOC revenue from Rio, and pennies to the athletes. And they expect you to shut up and be abused by doping cheats as you star in “Their Show”.

Some cheats chose to be cheats. Some cheats are forced by their governments or others to be cheats. For those who are “forced”, we can extend out sympathies. For those who chose, nothing but scorn and shame.

– – – – – – – – – – – –

Para todos los atletas y entrenadores que estan en Rio y hablando publicamente en los problemas relacionados con el dopaje, tienen nuestro mas profundo agradecimiento y admiracion por su coraje.

Solamente los atletas tienen el poder para vencer al COI, quienes ya no merecen ser los custodios de la flama olimpica y de todo lo que representa. Cuatro BILLONES de dolares es la recaudacion para el COI por Rio, y de eso, solo centavos va a los atletas. Y aun asi, ellos esperan que se mantengan callados y sean abusados por los nadadores dopados mientras eres la estrella de “su show”.

Algunos tramposos son tramposos por eleccion. Algunos tramposos son forzados por su gobierno y otros involucrados. Para quellos que son “forzados”, les extendemos nuestra simpatias. Para aquellos que son por eleccion, nada mas que rechazo y verguenza.

FINA and the IOC and Doping – the day is coming

From: John Leonard, ASCA Executive Director
To: Cornel Marculescu, FINA Executive Director
Date: Wednesday, July 13, 2016
Subject: FINA and the IOC and Doping

Mr. Marculescu – the day is coming

If FINA and the International Olympic Committee continue this charade of saying “zero tolerance for doping” while acting with complete tolerance for any star who is doping and has been convicted, then the following will soon happen.