Why Olympic Sport Doping Matters to Every Swimming Coach in the World

by John Leonard

  1. The IDEALS of the Olympics are noble and filled with values that matter to most humans. When they are VIOLATED, our best selves are attacked, and all we aspire to is put at risk of loss.
  2. IF the world does not believe the sport results of the Olympic Games are REAL, our entire world of sports may be entertainment, but it is no longer Sport. (PLAY TRUE)
  3. If it all comes down to “who can beat the system” (be that individual or government-led), why would anyone or anyone’s parents invest time, money, energy or passion into that pursuit? Doped sport = false sport = no sport.
  4. Why would any of your athletes “train hard, train smart and sacrifice” if they know or believe that their competitors have taken an illegal shortcut?
  5. If parents believe that drugs are indispensible to success, how long will they keep their children engaged in the activity of sport?
  6. If doping wins, people will stop caring about sport. No passion means no attachment to the Olympic Games or Swimming.

Once (before World War II) we had SPORT. Will we have it again?

Why Olympic Sport Doping Matters

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