Dear Friends, Coaches and Athletes,

Here is the sickening news:

  • FINA returned a President to office who has lied to all of us on multiple occasions times and changed FINA rules so he can keep sitting on the golden throne and keep ruling.
  • FINA returned a World Championship event to Kazan, Russia, where the national government ran (runs) a doping program.
  • FINA has now been led by a President from a minor to non-existent Swimming nation for forty year (of corruption, shame and disgrace).
  • FINA’s next king in line is from Kuwait, a nation suspended from the International Olympic Committee and FINA and who was not approved by his own federation (the suspended one) to run for FINA office. Kuwait? I know Kuwaiti coaches work hard. Does their federation help them or hurt them? Ever?

Is this what you signed up for when you began to coach or swim?
Me either. I signed up for the beauty of great athletes (clean athletes) competing brilliantly against each other.

Unfortunately the organization that is running that at the world level (and maybe, for some of us, at the national and local level as well) is as described above. Time to throw them out and replace them with real democracy.

The World Swimming Association wants to serve as an alternative.

FINA hates us. We stand for athletes receiving 50% of all revenues that are currently going to… who?
We stand for transparency, for real development (facilities, swimmers, coaches); not money to let more suits travel to more exotic destinations for “meetings” that accomplish nothing.
I accept that hate as a badge of honor.

Unlike FINA, you can choose to change the world of Olympic Sport to the type of thing you joined the sport for, as an individual part of the World Swimming Association. It costs pennies to join as an individual Member.

Join the World Swimming Association, and throw these bums out on their ear.

-John Leonard
WSCA Executive Director

Throw the Bums Out