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Swim Coaches Association of Africa Annual General Meeting

20 APRIL 2012


  1. Opening and Welcome (President)
    Igor welcomed everyone present and mentioned that there is a great need for a coaches association, he further reiterated that the coaches association will help coaches to learn from each other and open up new communicating channels between coaches in different provinces and African countries. The main aim of today's meeting is to elect the official executive, as SCAA has been functioning with an interim structure since its inception. He wishes the upcoming committee all of the best.

  2. Present
    Debbie McLeod, Wendy Way, Marco Markgraaff, Paul Napier-Jamson, Anne-Marie Groenewald, Igor Omeltchenko, Ivan Ball, Cedrick Finch, Lucy Conradie, Brett Wood, Pierre de Roubaix, Theo Verster, Dougie Eager, Leal de Kock, Mark Edge, Karoly von Toros, Baliut Richter, Brian Elliot, Gareth Barnard, Willie Scheepers, Kerry Voke, Hilton Slack, Csanad Feldhaust, Delon Dannaurser, Lyn Shore, Tony Hadley, Chris Stottelaar, Graham Hill, Angela Marlton, Dean Price, Winda de Jager, Wim Potgieter, Mandy van der Laan, Marius Hattingh.

  3. Apologies.
    Mandy Koegelenberg, Brett Fisher (Treasurer)

  4. Confirm minutes of the previous Annual General Meeting.
    Not applicable.

  5. Receive Council Reports:

    • 5.1 President Report
      Igor outlined what had been done thus far:
      • Managed to secure a R 10 000.00 sponsorship with FINIS.
      • Hosted a Communication forum at the Speedo conference.
      • Launched the SCAA Website.
      • Appointed a webmaster.
      He outlined that more of the achievements would be outlined in the secretaries report.
    • 5.2 Secretary report
      See attached.
    • 5.3 Treasurer report
      See attached.
    • 5.4 IT Report
      See attached. Igor reiterated that it is essential for all coaches to share ideas and programs with each other, this will give coaches information on how to deal with top swimmers, and in the long run you can learn from other coaches. We as coaches are here to be able to give back to swimming share our skills and knowledge with others, we should not work in silos, in the end we as coaches are working towards producing better swimmers in Africa and South Africa.

      The website should be the product of all the coaches' inputs which caters for all their needs.
  6. Receive the Audited Financial Statements
    Income and Expenditure report was presented to all members, and approved.
  7. Election of Office Bearers:
    As no nominations were received prior to the meeting, it was agreed by the house that the meeting would proceed in accordance to the constitution clause 11.5 which states:
    "Should insufficient nominations be received in writing, the Executive would be empowered to co-opt members to fill vacancies. Such co-option would be ratified at the first Management Committee meeting thereafter."
    It was agreed that nominations for each position would be received from the members, the members would then be informed who is standing for which position and voting would take place directly after that for each positions. The person with the highest votes would win the position and the house agreed that it would not be necessary to have the positions ratified at the first Management Committee meeting, so as to save costs.



    • Igor Omeltchenko (13)
    • Karoly von Toros (1)

    Vice President

    • Dougie Eager (1)
    • Anne-Marie Groenewald (2)
    • Paul Napier-Jameson (1)
    • Steven Ball (1)
    • Ivan Ball (1)
    • Karoly von Toros (4)


    • Mandy van der Laan (13)
    • Debbie McLeod (1)


    • Douglas Eager (2)
    • Wendy Albertyn (1)
    • Karoly von Toros (1)
    • Brett Fisher (9)

    Two (2) Executive Members

    • Lucy Conradie (2)
    • Debbie McLeod (5)
    • Petro Nortje (1)
    • Cedrick Finch (1)
    • Graham Hill (3)
    • Marko Markgraaff (3)
    • Theo Verster (2)
    • Dean Price (1)
    • Dougie Eager(1)
    • Steven Ball (2)
    • Wendy Albertyn (1)
    • Ian (1)
    • Pierre de Roubaix (3)

    Honorary Patrons

    • Graham Hill


    • President: Igor Omeltchenko
    • Vice-President: Karoly von Toros
    • Secretary: Mandy van der Laan
    • Treasurer: Brett Fischer
    • Executive Members: Debbie McLeod
    • Executive Member: Marko Markgraaff
    • Honorary Patrons: Graham Hill
  8. Notice of Motion/Resolutions
    • 8.1 Approval of SCAA draft constitution
      The house accepted the constitution as the official constitution for the Swim Coaches Association of Africa.
  9. Confirmation of:
    • 9.1 Coaches representative to council
      Nominations for Brett Wood to stand in this position was received and agreed upon by all members.
    • 9.2 University representative to council
      Nominations for Ivan Ball to stand in this position was received and agreed upon by all members.
  10. Closure
    The meeting was adjourned at 13:15.