Dear Coaches, Colleagues, and Friends,

NO ONE will help us if we do not help ourselves. Bureaucrats, “administrators”, public relations people and functionaries do not produce athletes. Coaches produce athletes.

Yet, looking at athlete bios from federations and related groups, it is infrequent and inconsistent that the COACH AND CLUB of the athlete is listed. This fails to recognize the fine work of us as professionals, and leaves the impression in the reader’s mind that this athlete developed in some vague vacuum. Worse, it leaves the contact for journalists, who wish to discuss the athlete, with the public relations functionaries of the organization providing the biography rather than with the coach, who is the true expert on the development of the athlete.

The REMEDY is simple: ask/demand/require your Swimming Federation and related organizations to INCLUDE the coach’s name and club or training affiliation with every personal profile of your athlete.

This allows journalists (who have often been our closest allies in major international arguments with the federations) to properly and completely do their job, and to have your work stand a better chance to be recognized in media reports. (If journalists on deadline can’t find something like a coach’s name with relative ease, the clock makes the decision, they leave the coaches name OUT.)

Please contact your federation today and ask that coach’s names and clubs are included in the biographies of all athletes that they provide.

Help the sport, help yourself and your fellow professional coaches.

All the Best,
John Leonard
WSCA Executive Director

The Importance of Coach Bios

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