From: John Leonard, ASCA Executive Director
To: Cornel Marculescu, FINA Executive Director
Date: Wednesday, July 13, 2016
Subject: FINA and the IOC and Doping

Mr. Marculescu – the day is coming

If FINA and the International Olympic Committee continue this charade of saying “zero tolerance for doping” while acting with complete tolerance for any star who is doping and has been convicted, then the following will soon happen.

An Olympic athlete, one of those people who happens to be clean of doping and one who actually draws people to their television sets (and there are only about 10, aren’t there?), will sit behind his/her blocks at Finals in the Olympic Games or the World Championships and when announced to the crowd, will continue to sit there.

You will be disquieted to remember that in-truth the only reason you have a job is because of these 10-15 athletes. TV is there because of them. You have a job because of them. And so he/she sits there.
And sits there.
And sits there….

And then the next athlete introduced will sit down, and the next, and the next, and the next, until the entire Final field, on prime time television, in the Olympic Final, is sitting, not swimming.

What will the overlords at the IOC say to you then? I wonder….

Will they then withdraw signs from their kit which say “You have failed us. We don’t swim until our sport is clean. FINA and the IOC, serve the clean athlete. You have failed us.

Now Cornel, while you sit and laugh about the impossibility of this, recall when you pooh-poohed me with my concerns when I warned you about not doing World Championships doping testing in Russia and not storing samples there. A year before the event. Result?

Recall when I warned you that using the plastic bag suits would ruin our sport, and divide our athletes and coaches from our administrators. Result?

Recall when I warned you about the Chinese in the 90s. Result?

And on and on.

Keep Laughing. Perhaps you will recall all this when you are retired to your Phuket beach over your failure to protect clean athletes.

-John Leonard

FINA and the IOC and Doping – the day is coming

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