Comments from a Concerned Coach on Mexico’s 2015 Worlds Entries

Hi all,

I just want to make a comment regarding the article [about discrepancies in Mexico’s Swimming entries at the 2015 World Championships].

I am Mexican and worked in my country for 12 years. (I’ve been in Canada since 2009.) What everybody is saying/knows is:

  1. The Mexican federation “forgot” to enter the team to the World University Games.
  2. As a result, they decided to announce (to the swimmers) just before the Pan American Games that nobody will go to Worlds EXCEPT the swimmers that were supposed to attend World University Games, to “compensate them for their mistake.”
  3. Before that, it’s important to know that criteria to make the Worlds team, World University team or even Pan American Games was NEVER clear&helip; swimmers will know last minute if they were selected. It’s been like that for the longest time.
  4. After the “mistake of entries” went public, the Mexican federation states that they were never acting against rules or laws, and that it was all done with the intention of helping swimmers.
  5. Then, this morning, the Mexican federation makes public that the mistake on the entry times is due to a failure of the GMS (general management system) and that’s why the times were changed (so it wasn’t them).

The truth is that the Mexican Swimming Federation is equal to corruption and lies, bad management, disrespect to coaches/swimmers and members in general. They do what they want, when they want, and they don’t follow anything other than their own personal interest. It isn’t true that they “forgot” to enter the team to the university games; that’s just an excuse to justify all their garbage.

To top things off, today I read a note about the president of FINA saying that there is nothing wrong about what Mexico did and he doesn’t see a problem. He doesn’t see the big deal. He said that times are ONLY to place the swimmers in their heats, so why are we complaining. Bottom line there is nothing to investigate. It is so insulting it’s not even funny.

I just don’t understand how the people at the top of the international federations can tolerate such actions, but the only answer is that they are colluded and they promote corruption; they are ok with it. It is unreal that the rest of the swimmers in the world have to work so hard to get a time or to get the right to be at a world championship meet (for the cases of the countries who have more than one swimmer at FINA A level) ONLY to hear the leader of FINA saying that times mean nothing&helip; just placing swimmers in the preliminary sessions.

Mexico is horrible and deserves sanction; swimmers who attended Worlds included. The last thing I’ll look for is to affect swimmers, but when the athletes are part of the corruption then they need to learn that playing fair is the only way to play the sport. The Mexican federation has a history of harassing coaches and athletes, breaking rules, bad decisions, incompetence, stealing money, benefiting only the ones who are willing to do what they say and the list can go on and on. It is terrible.

Sorry I went too long on this, but I had to say something. This ongoing disrespect to our swimmers and coaches, families and officials, who fight hard to make our sport the best place to be and grow, needs to stop.

– Carmen Thorburn, Head Coach, Hamilton Aquatic Club

Follow-up (Aug.15): FINA not to punish Mexican Federation

Comments on Mexico’s 2015 Worlds entries